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Transitions paved my path and eased my walk

We recently caught up with our Class of 2014 Alumna, Patricia Maharaja, and this is what she had to say about being a "Transitioner":

Q. What are the best memories of your time at Transitions?

A. Evey moment at Transitions was a moment worth remembering. One of my best memories was when I first got selected to join the Grade 10 class. I never really knew what it was about but as time went by I knew I had found myself a family. The support we received from them is out of this world. It helped me grow, and every moment we shared was productive.

Q. What are you currently busy with (studies or work)?

A. I am currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management at Boston Business College.

Q. How did your participation in Transitions influence your final Grade 12 results?

A. Being a member of Transitions made me want to be a better person and to improve my life. It gave me a whole new perspective on life after school, and this encouraged me to work harder and smarter, which had a great impact on my overall marks. Hearing other people share their life journeys with us changed my entire view of life which was a great influence that has helped me even today. I managed to not only pass my matric but I got a Bachelor's pass. Because I was not entirely happy with my subject performance, I had the courage to upgrade my marks and emerge with a better entry into post-school studies.

Q. What advise do you have for current Transitions learners?

A. Don't just work hard, but work smart - it is a rewarding journey to be on. Also, don't look at other people's lives with envy - we all have a different story to tell. And most importantly, pray through it all.

Q. What feedback do you have for the management team at Transitions?

A. I am very greatful for the opportunity I received through this programme. Being a member of Transitions paved my path and made my walk easier. Because of Transitions, I am always ready to take on the world. The inspirational and motivational talks we received were the best, and have inspired me to dream big and not be afraid to go out and get what I want. Keep doing what you do!

Q. Would you be willing to volunteer your time to Transitions in future?

A. Yes - ALWAYS! I'd like to do this as an intern or a mentor, to give back to the world around me, and mostly to the organisation that came through for me in my time of need. I would volunteer as a mentor to influence other learners too.

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