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It is that time of year when matriculants (Grade 12s) are faced with not only performing well in the current mid-year examinations, but also thinking through their career aspirations as they do so. Pressure is mounting, and while the Grade 11 exams are considered the most important assessments of one's high school career, one's focus and determination throughout the final year is really what will see them reach their imagined heights.

In the first term of this Grade 12 year, our Transitioners poured their best efforts into ensuring a good academic foundation for the rest of the year. 90% of our matric class illustrated with their above average results that the programme has improved their chances of success, thereby guaranteeing a strong transition into tertiary institutions. Many have conflicting ideas of what they want to be in their adult lives, and this is all too familiar for all of us who have been on this path. It is for this reason that we believe that the last 2 years of close mentorship and guidance about career choices will come in handy in making these difficult decisions.

I have particularly been most encouraged by the resolve of our learners to stay true to themselves and set goals that suit them as individuals rather than to follow the hype of what a good career is. It is not often that you find learners who aspire to be teachers and nurses.

There is of course no shortage of those who wish to enter the coveted fields of accounting and law, but this is well balanced by those who see themselves as entrepreneurs and sociologists. With the honest career conversations held throughout the year, I am confident that our learners will make the best possible decisions to fulfill their own unique potential.

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