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Rosina reflects on Germany

Germany was my first trip abroad, and it exceeded my expectations! Thank you to the generosity of Transitions Foundation's funder, Go Ahead! for a wonderfully educational and culturally enlightening experience.

The one place that will forever stand out is the city of Erfurt. There, my host was Louise and she was very accommodating and friendly. We would have long late night talks over a cup of tea - she would make me taste the various flavours and even packed me some for my return to SA. The city was vibrant - I particularly enjoyed Cafe International, a networking event organised on the campus of the University of Erfurt around celebrating one country at a time. During our time there, South Africa was of course under the spotlight. The turn out was massive and for so many people to be interested in what SA was about, astonished me.

The best night of our cultural experience was when we cooked for the Germans and Middle Eastern refugees - approximately 70 people! Once everyone had enjoyed South African food, we shared some cultural moves and danced the night away! We made many friends: Rebecca, Pia, Katharina, Maritha and many more. But for me personally, I built close ties with Rima and Sebastian who were with us the entire trip. All the cities were beautiful and the few days we spend in each were physically challenging. At one point we climbed up 306 stairs to ‘Old Peter’, which was hard but worth it in the end because the view was amazing from up there! A few honourable mentions would be: Marburg – the fairytale city; Berlin – for its rich history (i.e. the Berlin Wall); Munchen – especially the English garden & BMW world; Heidelberg – the castle; and Weimar – the city of poets.

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