Our story begins in 2010, when our founder, Dr. Kopano Matlwa Mabaso was invited to participate in the Young African Women Leaders Forum that was held in conjunction with former US first lady, Michelle Obama’s visit to South Africa. Kopano was so inspired by the incredible African women she met during those three days that she decided that she wanted to give back to her own local community, through education: an instrument that she knew from her own personal experience can change not only the trajectory of an individual life but that of an entire family. With the help of family and friends, as well as a strong board made up of Shiluba Mawela, Daniel Enang and Dr. Ingrid Matlwa, Transitions Foundation was born.


At Transitions Foundation we recognize that young people, particularly those from disadvantaged communities, face a myriad of challenges as they attempt to transition through their schooling careers, and what we seek to do is to support them in moving from situations of hopelessness to personal fulfillment.

Transitions Foundation's intervention goes "deep" with a small cohort of learners, rather than "wide". We believe that the full impact and effectiveness is best measured when learners are able to experience three years of dedicated support. We therefore select grade 10 learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds who have decided to take on mathematics and physical science as matric (grade 12) subjects.

We work with them in our flagship project: “Young, African & Dreaming”, wherein we do the following:

"Young, African & Dreaming"

"Educate" the learners through intensive maths and science tutoring, wherein they focus on problem areas in those subjects rather than repeating school lessons.

Academic Tutoring

"Empower" them through life and career skills development, master classes with talented youth, educational field trips, mentorship and book club

Personal Development

"Engage" a group of learners from Allanridge Secondary School in the township of Rabie Ridge, Midrand, in Saturday and after school programmes

Community Engagement

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